1. Morgan

    i Obviously like jetpack, it really give us an easy not only on writing but also security and more flexibility.

    but my problem if i install jetpack, it like i’m not Compress my components with gzip (based on pingdoms). but actualy i did it.


  2. Jeremy Herve

    Thanks for covering the Jetpack release. I just wanted to take a second and clarify one thing. The Jetpack Newsletter Sign-Up Form works similarly to all other Jetpack forms.

    The submission is stored in the Feedback section of wp-admin. Visitors who submit a form and opt-in will have additional meta data saved to that submission which is labeled as email_marketing_consent and set to 1, noting their permission to be emailed.

    These form submissions are easily exportable to be used however site admins prefer, and can be used by third-party plugins. We have included an optional but preferred integration with Creative Mail which will automatically turn those submissions into a mailing list.

    As always, I’m happy to answer any other questions, and I look forward to see how this form helps everyone improve their marketing.


  3. Kings Amalaego

    I did notice the new improvement from Jetpack latest release while working on one of my client site. Glad that they are taking things to the next level!


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