1. Sudhir Khanger

    Thanks for the post. I have wanted a theme with immovable bar for a long time.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    I like this theme a lot, and am considering modeling my own theme after it. It’s simple, but doesn’t seem to be missing any features I’d like to have.


  3. Kevin

    Sarah, it seems to me that every time Anders releases a theme you feature it here on WP Tavern. Is there any reason for that?


    • Sarah Gooding

      1. It has to have a good design and 2. Should follow good coding standards for the most part. 3. We pretty much exclusively feature free themes. I don’t feature any themes that I don’t find to be attractive, and I think I have a fairly good instinct for what people will like. :)


    • Ryan Hellyer

      They try to feature good themes/themes that will interest people, so not surprising that Anders themes are repeatedly featured.


  4. Andy M.

    Definitely feeling a brother-from-another-mother vibe between Rams and Twenty Fifteen (http://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/09/09/twenty-fifteen/).


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