Rams: A Free WordPress Blogging Theme With Zero Fluff

Rams is a new release from WordPress theme developer Anders Norén. The theme is aptly named for Dieter Rams, a German industrial designer who is well known for his innovative, unobtrusive, and timeless product design.

Rams is a minimalist blogging theme that bears Noren’s trademark simplicity. Norén said that he designed the theme with “zero fluff” to put the content in focus.


Rams includes support for the gallery, video and quote post formats. It is retina-ready and responsive, providing a high quality reading experience on desktop, tablets, and mobile phones.

The theme comes packaged with a beautiful, simplified archive template and built-in editor styles. It also includes support for Jetpack Tiled Galleries and infinite scroll.


Check out a live demo to see Rams in action and make sure to navigate through the various templates and styles.

One Theme Option

Rams includes only one theme option. Yes, you read that correctly. The color control option allows you to set the background color of the sidebar as well as the accent color of the content. Rams includes no other options and no widget areas. That means that it takes no effort whatsoever to get your site looking just like the demo.

Norén skillfully captures the essence of Dieter Rams’ principles of good design in this tribute theme. If you’re looking for a beautiful, simple blog design with plenty of room for content to breathe, Rams is a solid option. Download it for free from WordPress.org.


6 responses to “Rams: A Free WordPress Blogging Theme With Zero Fluff”

  1. I like this theme a lot, and am considering modeling my own theme after it. It’s simple, but doesn’t seem to be missing any features I’d like to have.

  2. Sarah, it seems to me that every time Anders releases a theme you feature it here on WP Tavern. Is there any reason for that?

    • 1. It has to have a good design and 2. Should follow good coding standards for the most part. 3. We pretty much exclusively feature free themes. I don’t feature any themes that I don’t find to be attractive, and I think I have a fairly good instinct for what people will like. :)


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