Prologue 2 Sees The Light Of Day

During WordCamp Germany, Matt Mullenweg mentioned something called Prologue 2. This new version of the Prologue theme introduces Ajax like real-time commenting meaning, if I place a comment on the blog and someone else is staring at the site, they will see that comment appear before them as it happens.

Heather over at the blog sheds some light on the project, including a video showcasing the new theme.

Overall, I’m digging the new look and functionality of the Prologue theme. In some ways, I wonder if Prologue 2 could really be used as a forum. Hmm. What do you think of that idea?

By the way, Heather mentions that P2 is already available for users but to look for it on the theme repository in the coming days. BUT. If you know how to package the theme files together, you can visit and download the trunk version of the theme. I don’t know how to package the files together so if anyone can let me know, give me a shout.


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