1. Miroslav Glavic

    Matt should make WordPress 2.8 so webmasters can get rid of the WordPress RSS feeds and plugin news. I don’t need my clients to hear WordPress updates of plugins, WordPress itself and so forth.
    I should be able to decide what I will let Editors/Authors/Subscribers see. Me not showing the plugins news or WP rss feed will NOT kill WordPress.


  2. JellyBeen

    WoW! That is a lot to digest. I think I’ll have to stop by WP.tv and watch that.


  3. Will Anderson

    I think the coolest feature is the syntax highlighting in the theme editor, though the improved widget management sounds useful as well.


  4. Jeffro

    @Miroslav Glavic – I’m pretty sure you can hide those modules and most likely, change the RSS feed that is displayed in those modules to something of your choosing.

    @JellyBeen – Or just watch the video I embedded here :) I think there is a part two to this video on WordPress.tv where he answers questions.

    @Will Anderson – Yeah, CodePress :) I need to setup my local WordPress install to run trunk again so I can see CodePress in action.


  5. jane wells

    @Jeffro – Yes, the news modules on the dashboard can be hidden (screen options) or changed to different RSS feeds (configure).


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