1. Banago

    Working on humanizing WordPress is a great thing and it makes us love it even more every day – some even make love to it ;)


  2. Andreas Nurbo

    Ugh creative artwork project? Really? Is this some sort of I don’t want to be computer geek I want to be an artist instead? Gah do what all tweens do release a YouTube video of you singing, don’t make code into art. Its not art and never will be.
    Honestly I don’t think weird comments in the code is “fun” per sé. Up and coming devs will probably be annoyed with the confusing source code instead. Maybe the “fun” comments are suppose to alleviate that? Also Hello Dolly should be removed. Only reason its so widely activated is probably because some ppl think they have to activate it.

    Release cycles and plugins. I mostly curious about the 10-15 core plugins idea that he talked about. I know Jane seems to want core themes as well. I’m totally a lost in this whole core plugin/theme stuff.

    Last part I have no idea of where the stats comes from. Most likely not from the callback. Hard to see who makes money of WP using those stats =). Wouldn’t say there are 80% that makes money of WP. Those numbers seems very very strange.


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