Club Membership Giveaway

premiumthemesnetlogoIn the market for some new themes? If so, you can easily put yourself in the running to obtain a club membership. is a commercial GPL theme club which provides great support and designs all under one up front package price. I’ve worked with Bhavesh to obtain five theme club memberships to give away (Thanks Bhavesh!). That’s a total giveaway price of around $2,000.00. So what’s the catch?

Here is what I’m looking for. If you were in control of, what would you do with it? Your answers can be serious or they can be playful. I’m more interested in the serious ones though. Each person who leaves a comment will be assigned a number that will be put into a random number picker. The numbers that are chosen will receive the theme club membership. Comments will be open until next Friday so get cracking! Oh, and if you could, please spread the word.

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