Goes GPL

premiumthemesnetlogo The GPL dominoes continue to fall as has announced that beginning October 1st, all themes available on the site would be sold under the GPL. R.Bhavesh who operates the site had this to say regarding the switch:

While I personally don’t agree with some of the aspects of GPL license model, I think we owe a lot to the wonderful wordpress software. Since 2007, 90% of my personal earnings are coming through wordpress and it didn’t feel good to go against wordpress expectations.

Because the wordpress community encourage GPL, We would love to give in and follow the GPL license expected by wordpress founder.

Welcome Bhavesh to the GPL bandwagon, you’re in good company. While I think there is truth in the ‘me-too‘ aspect of it all, none of the theme developers that I know of who switched to the GPL model have switched back which is a good sign.


  1. @Andreas Nurbo – He sure did although I think more of his decision had to do with market pressure than complying with the license.


  2. sounds interesting but i still seems that it asking huge money for every theme can be downloaded from


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