Club Membership Winners

premiumthemesnetlogoLast week, thanks to the help of BHavesh, I was able to offer readers of WPTavern a pretty cool deal. Five club memberships. The only thing you had to do was tell me how you would use if it were in your hands. The post received a number of comments and in fact, a couple of ideas mentioned I’m going to try and aim towards.

Each comment was given a number. Since there were 38 unique comments, the numbers range from 1-38. The winners are as follows:

  • RGregory
  • Jon Shaw
  • Benjamin
  • Brian – CodeClearly
  • Marlon Burrows

I will be emailing Bhavesh the email address you folks used when submitting a comment and he should be in touch with you regarding your club membership within the next few days. Thanks again for your ideas and a special thanks to for not only offering up a cool prize package but for embracing the GPL as well.

To the winners, feel free to contact me to show me how you’ve put the membership to good use.

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