1. Michael Visser

    I wish WP-PostRatings did a check to ensure visitors have been to the page in question prior to placing their vote. It’s too easy to skew votes by using a URL shortener to the internal vote URL. :|


  2. Sylwia

    It’s not such a bad idea. Who needs a plugin, even the best one, if there’s no sufficient support provided for it? The plugins that are popular tend to be those that are plugins for the people and not plugins for art’s sake.


  3. WP Freak

    I am glad someone decided to do where WordPress, to be honest, failed big time. Searching popular plugins at the official WP site can be pain in the ass.


  4. Sander Jansma

    Thanks for your criticism. Of course I can only agree with most of the points you are making. The reason why I started this website was because I wanted to provide WordPress fanatics with a way to (somewhat playfully) find, download and highlight the plugins they think are best in their area of expertise.

    As mentioned on BotP’s Facebook-page, everyone is more than welcome to provide feedback to increase the usability of the website.


  5. Angelo Mandato

    Would be nice to see an Internet Media/Podcasting category, I am confident my PowerPress plugin would dominate every month. :)


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