1. Jacob Share

    Does this only organize plugins in the admin, or does it also let you choose which plugin groups to apply to a given post/category/tag? I use Plugin Organizer for the latter, and it works, but it’s a bit unwieldy to use in the admin.


  2. David Cramer

    I’m a little surprised you took notice of it. I was looking for a plugin I’ve been working on for a client and couldn’t find it. Out of frustration I made this. That was on Monday morning.

    Really appreciate the post.


  3. Nish

    And it was last week I was wondering if there was a plugin which would organise plugins. Good work :)


  4. David Cramer

    @Jeff I updated the plugin to show a confirmation on “save changes”.


  5. Paul Shryock

    Do you guys know of a plugin that’s already out there which does the exact same thing as this, but for posts instead of plugins? That would be really helpful for websites with hundreds of posts.


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