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  1. David Decker

    I was quite surprised when I heard of this news last week. Now it is the second company in WP space that has TWO form plugins under its belt. (The other company is WPForms with “WPForms” and “Formidable Forms”.)

    The splitting in consumer forms (Ninja) and more developer-focused Caldera seems a good decision and I am curious how this works all out in some months or years from now…? 😉

    One thing I am wondering for years, why nowhere David Cramer is mentioned? He was the original developer and the real inventor of Caldera Forms (back in 2014 if I remember correctly). He did the heavy lifting in the early years. Sad, that no one seems to remember him or reporting what he is doing now? Would be really interested to know.

    Since I always play around with various WP forms plugins, I use Ninja and Caldera in projects also here and there and like both of them a lot. So much even, I support both in my Toolbar Extras plugin also. (I love when plugins support each other…!)


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