1. Andreas Nurbo

    Still no WP version by PHP version chart on wp.org guess we will see that when php8 is at 56% marketshare compare to php 5.2.


  2. Marcel Pol

    Just checking a related post here from March 2015, you can see that PHP 5.2 dropped from 16.6% in March 2015 to 7.4% in August 2016.

    That is a good thing to see.


    • Joachim

      Great to see that PHP7 use is growing, can we hope for WordPress to finally move on from PHP5.2 in early 2017?
      WordPress 4.7 could deprecate support and notice users in the dashboard, 4.8 remove it and never look back, happy days.

      WordPress is actively working to encourage hosting providers to upgrade their users to a more current version of PHP.

      I keep reading this, but is there a place where I can follow the things being done? Perhaps chime in?

      I took a quick look at some of the featured web hosts listed on wordpress.org. Dreamhost boasts about PHP5 support (pretty vague), nothing about PHP7. Bluehost has PHP5.6 on all plans, but to get PHP7 you need to buy a dedicated or VPS plan.


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