1. Manu Cornel Ilie

    That’s very interesting. But it surprised me 56.6% use no CMS. That means they are either custom built, or made with website builders?!
    And why? I mean a CMS it’s much easier to build and maintain.

    What it doesn’t surprise me is the continual growth of WordPress. This CMS has been and remained the best in terms of development, support and community. I <3 WP


  2. Chuck

    Not sure the entries on this list are comparable, unless the definition of CMS is “something that makes something show up in a browser”.


  3. Leon Cooper

    Another Gold Star For WordPress Love to build my sites on it


  4. Ron

    No doubt wordpress is the best. Otherwise I would still be waiting to have a my own website. Thanks WP <3


  5. Rajesh Rai

    It’s really surprising that 56.6% of the website is using custom or no CMS especially when you get such a great support from WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

    Surprised to see Adobe dreamweaver and Frontpage still making the list!


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