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  1. Ted Clayton

    Well, that was a nice surprise.

    I clicked on the link to the WPShout site, and the survey is embedded right in their Post!

    No 3rd-party survey-operator? Whom yet-again I’ve never heard of, and doubtless never will hereafter?

    I’ve had 3 hosts in the past. I’m not currently online. I have a WordPress installation on a WAMP (MS Windows) localhost. This is the only thing I do on Windows anymore, and am solidly migrated to Linux/Ubuntu.

    I did a lot of heavy messing around with my old Ubuntu, and created a bunch of issues, some of which have interfered with hosting myself on it. These will all resolve, when I do a major full upgrade.

    (Linux does not have as nicely-developed made-to-order localhosting options as we see for Windows. Basically, you just install a full server (or download & install the distro Server Edition … then put your choice of GUI on that), and then, ‘well-sure’, Apache includes the normal WWW localhost internal addy & directory-hooks. It’s more ‘raw-boned’ than in Windows, but otoh, the full-boat server-environment (LAMP) is a far-better-supported option.)

    I aim to be back online this summer. I most likely will not use a large/name-brand host. I will either host on my local ISP (who do a lot of this for local businesses & individuals) or I will host myself on my home-computer. The later is mainly an issue of bandwidth, which is very poor for me. However, there are hot rumors right now, that we have a new service that will deliver serious connectivity-speeds to our isolated homes.

    If bandwidth issues are fixed, and possibly even if they don’t, I will put a website on my desktop. My ISP also helps folks, both businesses & private, run full servers at their own locations, on their own equipment. This is common business-practice in the local/small-fry ISP/hosting field, all over the country.

    This is not as cheap as shared hosting, of course, but it is affordable for sure.

    I did not take the Survey, since I don’t have current experience with a host.


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