1. aapkajaanu

    And yet they still believe in the freedom of speech Lolzz.


    • PassingBy@hotmail.com

      Hmm. Like the USA/Canada/Germany/Switzerland/Spain/The world doesn’t block anything at all. Not one single website! That’s right folks only Pakistan and terrorist harbouring countries block sites they don’t agree with…


  2. Shapeshifter 3

    Throughout Human History, the availability of education and public access to knowledge has ALWAYS been controlled by those with power. The global rise of the Internet has scared-the-living-bejesus out of those who want to maintain that control. Currently the Internet offers access to informational components of both “Heaven” & “Hell”, and in the process is helping the global facilitation of both “Good” and “Evil” deeds. The issue at hand, is the continued conflict and human interpretation of the difference between the defining characteristics of “Good” and “Evil”. Unfortunately, millions of humans still want to live by the belief systems of the 16th Century, and are having great difficulty dealing with the present one.

    The global free flow of information DEPENDS upon the human acceptance of the concept of Individual Freedom. It is my opinion, that the Human Species has NOT yet evolved to the point where the majority of its population accepts that premise. So, for the rest of the foreseeable future those in power will continue to control the free flow of information because of their fear of losing control.

    One of my biggest fears, is that the providers of globally accessible, open-source publishing software (such as WordPress) will voluntarily give in to the demands of Corporations, Governments, Religious Groups, and the whole concept of Political Correctness (the most dangerous control-mechanism on the planet) RESULTING in destroying the two decades old global expansion of Individual Freedom.

    I don’t think Individual Human Freedom will last, but I hope I’m wrong.


  3. chris

    amen from me too


  4. Piet

    Pakistan seems to be temporary only, just cross the border with China to find out that wordpress.com is always blocked there.

    And I’m sorry, but a sentence like “Self-hosted WordPress sites currently remain unaffected.” of course is completely and utterly DOH.

    The fact that wordpress.com is blocked has nothing to do with WordPress (the CMS) and everything with the content (on wordpress.com)



  5. Ali Eman

    They said that the ban on YouTube would be temporary too but it has been blocked since years. Is there data somewhere that shows how many times countries have requested content removal from WordPress.com?

    So right now China, Turkey, and Pakistan have WordPress.com blocked. Are there any other countries where WordPress.com is blocked?

    How does it affect JetPack users?


    • Piet

      >>How does it affect JetPack users?
      Without a VPN you cannot connect to Jetpack. If you use the site stats module of Jetpack to track your site’s traffic, that will not be affected (unless all your site’s traffic originates from China, Turkey and Pakistan and those visitors are not on VPN).
      But you will only be able to see the stats of your site once you have turned on your VPN, without it, you will have to accept that you’re blocked from the “outside world”.

      As I am living in China, I have been dealing with these type of issues for a very long time already and you will find that although there almost always is a way around these blocks, you will have to ask yourself whether it really is worth it?

      I’m almost 24/7 on VPN, but the reason why I need/want that certainly is not because wordpress.com is blocked. That is a just a nuisance at best.


  6. rahul

    no one wants to see pakistan in globe…. they are always blocking websites….


  7. Ashvin Patel

    Nothing new for the Pakistan .. if they are blocked Wikipedia then no surprise


  8. lolzielol

    Seems like big countries follow suite with China, Russia, US with governmental control and oppression.



    That is ridiculous.


  10. Reaping Angel

    Its not the first time Pakistan has blocked a service. YouTube was once blocked by all ISPs a long time ago (actually, I believe it still is). So the news of WordPress sites being blocked does not surprise me.


  11. Terence Milbourn

    What is the point?

    Did someone uninvent proxy server overnight?


  12. Ahmed

    I can confirm that it is open now as I can access wordpress website feom pakistan, it was only temporary for few hours only


  13. Ahmed

    It’s back online it’s not blocked now ..


  14. Ahmad Awais

    It is not more blocked here. Though it was blocked for two days or so.


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