1. Fabio

    Looking forward to Walt Disney renaming Master Jedi to Main Jedi…


  2. Ozh

    The first sentence of this article really sums it up: policemen killed a man so nerds are renaming their default branches.


  3. David Anderson

    +1 to software allowing people to name things whatever they prefer to name them.

    -1 to the coastal liberals of America exporting their cultural issues, language games and political power-plays to the rest of the English-speaking world, setting themselves up as the universal police, judge and executioner for supposed language offences by people who haven’t bought into their preferred meta-narrative. Here’s a comment froim Olu A in Nigeria on the related post bringing some much needed focus and sanity to the discussion (https://wptavern.com/proposal-to-rename-the-master-branch-from-wordpress-owned-git-repositories#comment-332369): “The(y) [in Nigeria] find the discussion between a bunch of white Americans that think we are so sensitive we can’t hear the word master in a context without being offended way more offensive than the word itself…. I have not even seen one black person who agrees with this change. People will not hear our voice of the important causes because things like this are ridiculous and do anger people, and they think we all think like this.”

    “Thomas noted that whether master is an appropriate term in this context or not is “probably best taken up at the git-project-level.””

    This kind of sentence is unintentionally hilarious, to anyone who remembers the original meaning of the word “git”.


  4. Rajeev Lochan

    In India especially Hindi speaking people respectfully calls their teachers, trainers- Master, Master saheb, Master ji.

    How come a word has become so regressive, instead of attacking real issues you guys are wasting ur time in doing useless things.

    If you are so caring why dont you guys set up a charity especially means for the specific section and care for their Education. To Progress education is best ammunition you have!!


  5. Tom J Nowell

    Glad to see good news on this front :)


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