1. Jesse

    With every new GitHub feature, there is less reason to maintain code over at WordPress.org for plugin and theme authors. While there are plenty of political reasons (e.g. avoiding censorship and slander, and maintaining control of your own projects and users), these are much less significant than the growing technical reasons for WP developers to move their entire operation over to GitHub.

    As WordPress continues to grow, the stark differences between Microsoft’s open source platform and the handful of SVN geeks and forum trolls lurking over at WP.org becomes more obvious… it is like watching MariaDB try to keep up with MySQL updates, and the writing has been on the wall for a while now.

    The best hope for WordPress.org to retain any relevance in the future is really support forums for newbies, and that’s about it. Having literally 1-2 people in charge of monitoring code quality, security, and beyond for tens of thousands of WordPress plugins = a slow death…


  2. Becky

    GitHub has provided great tools for developers all over the World. This is another great feature to make the platform even more helpful. Thanks for this update.


  3. Sajan Kota

    GitHub has always provided great tools for developers. I have been using composer for mostly with non WordPress Projects like Magento Laravel. I feel adding dependency graphs feature for PHP repositories that use Composer, would encourage more WordPress developers to composer with WordPress.


    • Anh Tran

      I see more and more WordPress developers are using Composer for their plugins and themes. The Theme Review Team also release some packages for Composer, which is great, too.


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