1. Andreas Nurbo

    The tech industry is full of virtue signaling crap. The removal of the use of the word master does not solve anything not that there is anything to solve in the first place. The amount of crap that American white guilt forces upon the rest of the world is astonishing.

    Trunk is a pretty crappy name for the master branch in the first place, it does not convey what it is in a good way. Master is much better than trunk. But I suppose using the same bad name everywhere is an improvement, sort of.


    • Paul Shryock

      This makes sense. No need to keep the master and slave disk language of yore. The world has moved on.


      • Andreas Nurbo

        Well the word master has nothing to do with slavery. Master as in having mastered a field, master record, master recording, master print, master’s degree. The word master has meanings well beyond slavery relationship. Not that master slave in databases has anything to do with master slave as in Arabic slave trade sense.
        I know this as a non-native English speaker, so it is fascinating that it is completely lost to US Americans.


  2. Bryant

    This is stupid and I am black. In development words are only used as the best description to what it is. Any layman (can I use that or should I say layperson) can figure out if something is a master and something is not which to mess with and which to leave alone.

    In development when I hear master and slave I think write and read, main and duplicate, os files and data files, ok to mess with, not ok to mess with. I do not think about the 1800’s or before. I do not think of black people in fields, cotton, or whips. I think in the context of which it is being used.

    This idea that people are so sensitive that we have to parse every word before speaking or typing is ridiculous.

    Even more interesting to me is when white people act as they know how I feel. Or, that they have to tell me how I feel. Oh, we have to change this because it’s offensive to minorities. I am a minority, it never crossed my mind.


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