Official Gravatar Mobile App In The Works

Gravatar Logo 2Toni Schneider, who recently switched positions with Matt Mullenweg inside Automattic has asked on the Gravatar blog, Which platform should a Gravatar app be released for first?. The choices are iOS, Android, or other. At the time of writing, Android was leading the poll with 80 votes while iOS is in second with 67 votes.

Details on the mobile app are nonexistent. When asked what a Gravatar mobile app would entail, Schneider replied: “No details, yet. Stay tuned.” A quick Google search shows at least one existing Gravatar app called iGravatar. With iGravatar, users can manage their Gravatar account from their mobile device.

What the official app will do is anyone’s guess and is ripe for speculation. With that said, I want to hear from you in the comments on what functionality do you think will be part of the official Gravatar app? Or, what would you like to see in the Gravatar app?

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