Not One But Two WordPress Tats

Hugo Baeta who has become one of the newest members of the Automattic team has showcased his love for WordPress by getting two tattoos on his body. The first tattoo which shows the WordPress W with what seems like vines around the circle. All in all, it looks pretty good, especially the straight lines in the W.

WordPress Logo Tattoo
WordPress On The Shoulder

The second tattoo is the motto of WordPress spread across the forearm. Once again, the detail is pretty good as it looks like a stencil was used. Congrats to Hugo on his new job, I just hope his feelings for WordPress are for life and not just a spur of the moment thing. Also, I wonder if the WordPress Foundation gave him permission to put the trademark onto his body? I ask that question jokingly.

Code Is Poetry
Code Is Poetry Tattoo

3 responses to “Not One But Two WordPress Tats”

  1. You can add me to that WordPress tattoo list;) I waited 17 years to get my second tattoo because I wanted to make sure that it included only the elements that truly mean something to me. The logo is included in a half sleeve design which is still unfinished, but WP will be prominent!


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