No More Unlimited Support Or Upgrades For GravityForms After May 1st

GravityForms recently made a big announcement that will affect new customers who make a purchase after May 1st. Currently, all customers who purchase a single or developer support license receive unlimited upgrades for life.

On May 1st we will be changing the Gravity Forms Terms of Service. Support and automatic updates will change to a 1 year term for all NEW purchases beginning on that date.

Customers who purchase before May 1st will NOT be impacted and will continue to receive lifetime support and updates for the license they currently own.

Not only will the 1 year of support and upgrades be tied to the single site license, but the developer license as well. Customers who make a purchase before May 1st will get lifetime support and upgrades as well as those who upgrade to a developer license. If you haven’t purchased your copy of GravityForms, now may be the best time to do it so that you’re set for life when it comes to support and upgrades.

If you need a reminder of what GravityForms is capable of doing, check out this recent review from

Also for existing GravityForms customers, check out Joost De Valks GravityForms widget.


5 responses to “No More Unlimited Support Or Upgrades For GravityForms After May 1st”

  1. Multi-page forms will be coming as part of either the 1.4 or 1.5 release later this summer.

    Which release it falls in will depend on which release we include field calculations and the payment processing add-on for PayPal integration. So it depends on which of those major features (among others) we include in the 1.4 release.

    The one that doesn’t make in 1.4 will be introduced in the 1.5 release.

    We have a laundry list of both core plugin features we plan on implementing as well as add-ons for various 3rd party service for easy integration.

  2. Looking forward to the PayPal integration, keep up the good work! GF is one of the best plugins I have used.

    Now would be a great time to upgrade :)

  3. Just bought developers license, looking forward to some multi page forms, we rock some pretty cool multi page forms on cforms (, click go at top of page for fast rate quote), but backend is a little too complicated for average folk, so it would be nice to upgrade and transition our users to GF.

    Something else that would be key (and necessary for our specific usage) is the ability to have the next page of the form dependent on a variable on the page, so if someone has a drop down with “red” or “blue”, each choice will take the user to a different page 2 depending on the choice. In our case, choosing “purchase” would take the user to pages 2,3 and 4 dedicated to purchase transactions and choosing ‘refinance” would do the same for refinances…..


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