GravityForms Releases Version 1.3

About a week ago, GravityForms version 1.3 was released to paying customers. This new version includes a number of additional features such as:

  • Email Notification Routing – Now you can set up notifications to route to different email addresses based on rules that you define. Use one form to route form submissions to sales, marketing, customer service department or wherever you would like.
  • Enhanced Address Field – We’ve pumped up the address field for 1.3 with several new options and configurations. You can choose from US, Canadian or International address types, set the default state, province or country, and even toggle the country and 2nd line address fields.
  • Enhanced Post Custom Fields – We’ve enhanced the post custom fields to let you choose from various field types. Custom fields can now be email, website, phone, multiple choice, drop down lists, hidden fields and more.
  • Validation for Multiple Forms – We’ve retooled the form markup here and there so multiple forms on the same page will correctly validate as XHTML 1.0 transitional. We know you want nice valid markup and we’ve got your back.

If you have yet to purchase GravityForms, be sure to use the coupon code GFDEV50 when checking out to receive $50.00 off the developer license. As an additional perk to purchasing or upgrading to the developers license by November 30th, you put yourself in the running to win a ASUS EEE PC 1005HA Netbook. Last but not least, if you decide to purchase GForms, I’d appreciate it if you go through the following link as I’ll receive a little kickback. Thanks!

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

3 responses to “GravityForms Releases Version 1.3”

  1. @matt mcinvale – Not to knock cforms, I’ve used that plugin on many sites, but Gravity Forms is a significant improvement, especially in how easy it is to set up a form. If you make sites for other people, and they will be the ones making new forms they will thank you for how easy it is to use. It’s the best WordPress plugin I’ve used.

  2. @Bill Robbins

    The developers in the development team in my department has said the same. We run sites using both but are switching to Gravity Forms as cforms is more frequently not working. I use cforms on my personal blog and I guess it works well for smaller efforts like that (however, it´s a bit tricky to upgrade), but for bigger magazine websites using WordPress, maybe Gravity Forms is worth the price after all?


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