1. Lynn Dye`

    I’ve been seeing a lot of your posts in the wpnews section of my dashboard, so congrats on that!
    I did do a Gravity Forms upgrade just yesterday on my site, so I came over here to see what the new enhancements were, so thanks for writing about that. I’ve had Gravity Forms for about a year now and glad I have it, even though I use few of the powerful capabilities.

    For those people who can’t invest the money in Gravity Forms right now, I recently heard of and just blogged today about JotForms. The UI reminds me of Gravity Forms and it is free to use (up to a point, see article) and also pretty powerful. They have SSL forms and it can be set up to accept payments through PayPal and many other related payment sites.

    Thanks for keeping us informed!


  2. matt mcinvale

    was super happy to see multipage forms. :)


  3. James

    Seems like you could have used Mailchimp and saved $39 plus got a badass email marketing system to boot.

    I get the value of highly customized forms, but paying for a simple contact form?


  4. Jeffro

    @James – GravityForms has a MailChimp add-on that comes with the plugin if you purchase the Business or Developer license. Not sure how it compares to mailChimp itself but at least it provides a way to do it with WordPress instead of MailChimp itself.



  5. rick hepting

    I guess everything on WordPress now is going to be for a fee? Oh, well….


  6. Ramoonus

    @rick hepting
    Wordpress is free .. that`s all


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