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Peter Westwood, one of the core developers for WordPress announced on his personal blog that he has created a new resource specifically for those looking for information on how to contribute to WordPress. The new site is called Patches Welcome and will provide tutorials, a question and answer list, contributor interviews and more. The idea struck Peter as he was coming home from WordCamp UK. So far, the site features an introduction and a story of Peter’s first patch to WordPress.

While I think the idea for a site like this is great, a part of me feels that this is yet another island that’s been created within the WordPress development community that people will need to be pointed to. However, I’m not sure on where such a site and associated content would fit in. If the redesigned site has an area dedicated to resources such as a directory or some sort of map, it’s going to be pretty extensive with all the little islands extending from the project. I wonder though, perhaps it’s me who needs to organize all of the resources and not them?


2 responses to “New WordPress Resource – Patches Welcome”

  1. Thanks for the link Jeff.

    At the moment “Patches Welcome” is a personal experiment. I’d love to get more people involved and I specifically didn’t buy a domain for this project but just started a blog because I agree if it takes off it probably belongs somewhere on the much expanded site.

    Once we have seen how it plays our and how plays out I wouldn’t be surprised to see the content move elsewhere and continue to grow.


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