Core Committer Peter Westwood Joins Automattic

Peter Westwood who is a core comitter for the project and has been involved with the community for the majority of the projects existence has announced on his personal blog that he now become the newest member of the Automattic team as a “Happiness Gardener”. I’ve lost count but for the conspiracy theorists out there, this now makes one more Automattic employee with committ access.

This level of enjoyment has led me to consider at a number of points in time whether or not I should switch job and work full-time on as a freelance consultant or as an Automattician. In the end it felt like the right thing for me to do was to apply to be an Automattician. This will hopefully ensure that I have a dependable long-term income stream and the ability to spend my spare time on the things I love: Music, Photography, Food, and of course WordPress.

Congrats on the move Peter. Look forward to getting the chance to meet you at a future WordCamp.


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