New Plugin Brings Hands-Free Publishing To WordPress Via Google Glass

Google Glass hasn’t even launched yet and it already has a WordPress plugin. The folks at Weber Shandwick, a PR and communications firm, have developed the first WordPress plugin that interfaces with Google Glass to publish content.

wpForGlass is currently operated by touch, although the creators plan to add voice commands by the time Google Glass officially launches. The plugin makes it possible for users to take a photo or video and instantly send it to a self-hosted WordPress blog. You can also speak a caption before your media is uploaded.

How wpForGlass Works

wpForGlass makes use of Google’s Mirror API to transmit your data through Google server. When setting up the plugin you’ll need to have an SSL certificate, ability to set up cron jobs and Mirror API Access in order to create an OAuth 2.0 client ID for your application. It’s important to note that the shared media is processed on Google servers and then downloaded to the WordPress site, which may take a few minutes to process.

wpForGlass Adds a New Dimension to Journalism and Live Blogging

This plugin has the potential to be revolutionary for journalism. It creates a fast lane for delivering content and news to people in a live environment. Immediacy and hands-free publishing are the real benefits of wpForGlass. Events can be recorded and transmitted in near real-time by regular people without requiring a live news station camera feed, further exploding the capacity of the blogosphere to be the real journalists on the scene.

The ability to shoot and transmit images and video to a blog in a hands-free environment also opens up a new interactive capacity for bloggers, documentarians and journalists who, until now, have had their hands shackled to a notepad, a phone or a camera while attempting to observe and report.

The wpForGlass code is open source so Glass Explorers can take advantage of it right now and developers can fork it or contribute to improve the plugin.


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