1. Justin Tadlock

    Looks cool. Unfortunately, the emoji icons are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 according to th Emoji One Web site, which is incompatible with the GPL. I could see this getting pulled from the plugin repo, which requires 100% GPL compatibility.


  2. Ryan Neufeld

    Thanks for pointing this out! We had quite a difficult time trying to figure out all the licensing options prior to launch. It was especially difficult because we were distributing both software (to convert the names/shortcodes to the appropriate emoji image file name) and the emoji artwork/fonts, which seemed to require different licensing structure. Someone wanting to use our conversion scripts on their website needed pretty different wording than someone wanting to use our emoji on t-shirts they wanted to sell, for instance.

    We were fortunate enough to have a little guidance from one of WordPress’ general counsel on the different licensing options and how it would affect our ability to work with them down the road. We’ve sent another note to them just now to see if we are still looking okay in that regard, and we’ll update things accordingly if changes are needed.


    • Justin

      Sounds good. As long as you’re communicating from someone on the WordPress.org side of things, you should be good.

      The thing I see is that you’re distributing the icons under the GPL on WordPress.org, so someone could use those icons packaged within the plugin under the GPL with all the freedoms that it entails. The CC-BY-SA license seems rather useless to me if I can go get the same icons under a license with more freedoms. I may be missing something though.


      • Ryan Neufeld

        For sure. It’s made even more complicated by the fact that we didn’t create the plugin itself, but rather someone else made the plugin using our set of emoji. Unfortunately we don’t have enough resources to make all of the addons and extensions we’d like to, but we hope others come along and use the emoji for their own creations at least, like what happened here.


  3. Carolann

    So we can’t use these legally then?


  4. Carolann

    ah ok good. I can use with no worries then :) thank you!


  5. Rachel

    This is great! I love the emotes. I just used this on a BBPress forum with the enable TinyMCE Visual Tab Plugin and now there’s emotes on the front-end for the forums! Awesome – thanks for the plugin idea.


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