1. Danielx64

    Why is WordPress using image based emoji instead of Unicode emoji characters? Then you wouldn’t have the problem of slow loading content in the first place. Not to say that the file size would go down a fair wack.


    • Otto

      Actually, it uses a JavaScript browser detection. The images are a fallback if the browser lacks Unicode support for the characters.


    • Ramanan

      The alternative, a font would be of large size. Hence WordPress does feature detection and loads the needed images in the page if the browser doesn’t support emoji.


  2. Nilo Velez

    …or you can install Machete and clean most of the unnecessary stuff from the header (emoji included)


  3. Gary

    Update: s.w.org has been switched to a new CDN, which supports HTTP/2 and compression. Using the example above, the emoji drops from 3kb to 1.2kb.

    An added benefit of HTTP/2 is multiplexing – if you have multiple emoji on a page, the images will be requested simultaneously, rather than the sequential behaviour of HTTP/1.1.


  4. Antony Agnel

    Thanks to this plugin. Helped remove the bloat from WordPress and reduced the number of external calls. Also improved the page loading times on pages with multiple emoji.


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