1. Keith Davis

    Hi Sarah
    Great idea and the animated Gif shows exactly how it works.

    Don’t think that I have enough pages to make it worthwhile but will be useful for those with lots of pages.


  2. Mike - Primary Image

    Looks a great plugin and I’ve often thought the WordPress Pages interface could do with a few little improvements to make it an even stronger CMS. I’ll certainly be trying this out. Looks like something that should be incorporated into WordPress core!


  3. Manny Fleurmond

    He should definately submit this as a feature plugin do it can be put into core. Looks so intuitive; I would love to see this for other post types as well


  4. Jeff Chandler

    The interface this plugin offers sure beats the pants off of setting an order number and using a dropdown menu to assign a Parent page.


  5. Otto

    I’ve been using Simple Page Ordering by Jake Goldman to do this for a couple years. Might be worth comparing the two.



  6. Dave Dean (@wpmusketeer)

    I second (or third) this to be made into a feature plugin for acceptance into core!


  7. Kenneth Guinto

    the Ui is pretty good, i like it. i think the core should consider this


  8. Per Soderlind

    I wish Nested Pages could be used in combination with the Hierarchy plugin (https://wptavern.com/hierarchy-plugin-enhances-wordpress-as-a-cms).


  9. AJ Clarke

    Wow, this is really nice! I agree – should be in the core ;)


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