1. Jonathan Christopher

    As Sarah mentioned in the article, Hierarchy is actually two years old. It hasn’t gained much traction primarily because it’s difficult to quickly educate people about what it actually is. It’s almost one of those things you have to see in place in one of your existing projects before you have that lightbulb moment.

    With 1.0 being a complete rewrite I took some time to put together better screenshots and hopefully that helps to illustrate the power of Hierarchy. I’m really pumped on the project at the moment and as of this morning converted the Add New Page button at the top of Hierarchy to be a Shortcuts menu that gives you quick access to all of your Custom Post Types and Taxonomies. This will be a big help for huge sites that have a ton of pages.

    Hierarchy is on GitHub so please feel free to check out the code, submit Issues and PRs, and we’ll make Hierarchy even more useful!


    • Jason Pelker

      This is excellent lateral thinking.

      This makes me wonder how else the admin can be simplified and the WordPress learning curve can minimized.


    • andupdatemywebsite

      So, this isn’t a support forum, but I just tried your plugin and noticed that all page with any status other than published are hidden, with no way to access them. Any thoughts?


      • Jonathan Christopher

        Definitely something to add in the next release! I’ll add it as an Issue on GitHub (unless you wanted to)! There are probably more use cases like this that need to be covered, definitely. In the current release you could opt to not remove Pages from the Admin Menu and still have access to the original Pages Admin Menu entry which would show all statuses but that’s definitely not ideal as it defeats the purpose of Hierarchy.


        • andupdatemywebsite

          On sites with a lot of content, yours would be a great solution.

          We noticed the draft/unpublished page issue because we had also been using the Nested Pages plugin, to do something similar. A quick glance comparing the two views, we could see the missing content from Hierarchy.

          We also noted that Pages appear to be treated differently than the other content types. If pages were treated like everything else (or you had the option of doing so) then the other states would be seen.

          Lastly, one of the other content types we use sometimes are Content Blocks, for formatting reusable content into widget areas. That must use something non-standard, as that content wasn’t an option to include in the Hierarchy settings.


  2. Sami Keijonen

    Definitely gonna try this out. Looking good in my first test round.


  3. cbunting99

    I honestly only use WordPress as a CMS on all of my sites..

    I actually have never seen this plugin myself in all the years I’ve been working with WordPress. My biggest complaint about the pages tab was that you couldn’t drag and drop to order the pages. I myself will test this out.


  4. chris

    Very useful thanks. i never liked the default.


  5. Ekendra

    Hierarchy is definitely a great plugin. Just tried it. WordPress dashboard was never so clutter free, managing contents is even easier and everything else is well managed.


  6. Mark Szymanski

    This looks like a great idea for smaller sites. I’ve had a few clients that just had a hard time wrapping there heads around the many places in the backend that content can live.

    Jonathan, any thoughts on maybe moving some of those hard-to-reach widgets into this content area, perhaps under a “sidebar” or “footer” page? For large sites this could get messy but for a smaller site it might work out great. Thanks for sharing your plugin!


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