1. Troy

    This. Is. Stellar.

    We run a very complex membership website with multiple channels of content and multiple layers of child pages. I’ve previously been using Tree View plug-ins to get a visual on my page structures. After installing this new Admin Column View plug-in and playing with it for five minutes I’m now wondering how I have survived without it.

    Great job Alex.


  2. Chuck R

    I can see this being useful for certain sites… upon trying it though it won’t allow you to drag into another column. That would be nice to have to really make this an invaluable plugin.


  3. Joan

    It’s just great. A must go plugin for all my clients, now.

    It’s not compatible with WPML, though!


  4. Benjamin L.

    Very nice indeed ! Pages are too neglected in WordPress. Note that Advanced Page Manager also proposes a great alternative to manage a lot of pages. Plugin is available in the repo.


  5. hans

    this is a very cool plugin. i tried ALL page tree plugins but they were too slow (i use WP as a CMS in this case with over 1600 pages!). now this plugin finally allows me to manage these sites quickly and without browser crashes :)


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