Easily Add, Remove, and Rearrange Columns With The Admin Columns Plugin

If you find yourself wanting more control over the columns on the posts, post types, pages, media, comments, links, and users administration screens, take a look at the Admin Columns plugin. Admin Columns, developed by Codepress, is a free plugin that is actively installed on more than 60K sites that enables administrators to add, remove, and rearrange columns.

Each column type has its own options panel where you can control settings such as width, label, and in the case of the featured image, preview size.


There are a number of column types available but if you need additional flexibility, there’s a Custom Field column type. Admin Columns also has built-in support for the Advanced Custom Fields, Pods, and Types plugins.

One of the things I found particularly useful as a new user is the Help tab. This tab in the upper right corner of the screen is often overlooked or not utilized by plugins. Admin Columns uses the tab to provide basic information about the plugin and how to navigate its user interface.


Although the free version likely takes care of most use cases, there is a commercial version available that adds sorting, filtering, import/export, inline editing, and multiple column sets. If you maintain a number of sites that uses Admin Columns, the ability to import and export column configurations can be a huge time saver.

I thoroughly tested Admin Columns on WordPress 4.6 beta 3 and didn’t encounter any issues. To see a demo of the plugin in action, check out the following video.


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