1. Kevin Flahaut

    Hey Jeff,

    The rocketgenius crew had a great time at Mortons with you. We’re stuck eating fast food after that huge bill but still enjoyed the to opportunity to hang out. For the record, the head cold wasn’t me!


  2. JLeuze

    Wow, my drive was longer, but cheaper too. I think the tolls only cost like $8, but there were like eight of them on the round trip, more annoying than expensive.

    But next time I’ll definitely consider taking the Amtrak and getting some rest on the way so I have more energy for pizza, steak, and the other stuff I was too beat for ;)

    I was impressed by the breakfast spread on both days too. The wifi seemed ok for me most of the time, but you could tell the quality of the network by the number of Tweets. It would be interesting to see a graph of the #wcchicago tag over the weekend to see just when the spikes were.

    I also liked Micah’s presentation the most I think, especially about keeping expectations! Just watched his presentation at Big Omaha, really dug that too.

    Of course it was great to hear the state of the word in person. I found it interesting that Matt said “the goal of WordPress is to be invisible”. That is one of the things that drew me to WordPress. With other platforms like Drupal or PHP-Nuke back in the day, unless the designer really does a great job, it is pretty easy to spot what it is built on. It just seems easier to break out of that mold with WordPress to create something truly original.


  3. Jeffro

    @Kevin Flahaut – LOL. I no doubt remember that 20 oz you ordered heh. That thing would have lasted me a few days. Good thing it wasn’t you who gave me the cold since I have your business cars :)

    @JLeuze – Hmm, the WiFi was so bad that I spent so much time trying to get on the connection that I ignored most of what I was listening to via peoples presentations. There is probably a site or two where we could look at data for hashtags in terms of when spikes occurred. I don’t know of any off the top of my head though.

    I’m wondering if WordPress to be Invisible means you use it to publish content without it ever getting in the way. Not really so much being invisible to the public.

    It was nice meeting you in person Josh.


  4. Gary LaPointe


    It was great meeting you at the pizza place. And the “Lou” was great, I’d never have ordered that one, but it was delicious (and we were all starving by then).

    .-= ´s last blog ..Roller Blading in Chicago =-.


  5. Jeffro

    @Gary LaPointe – It was great meeting you to. Boy did we wolf down those pizzas! Those wide mouth cups were pretty cool as well. I’m happy that evening turned out as well as it did with all things considered.


  6. Carl Hancock

    Had a great time hanging out with you also Jeff, fun times.

    And you were a little off on your tab. I believe the steak alone was $44 with no side items. Your total bill came to $69 for a steak, 2 potato skins and tax and tip. And that didn’t include a drink as Kevin bought everyone a round.

    Time to eat at home for a while… or at least when I get back from my vacation in Mexico :)


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