Buy My WordCamp Chicago Ticket

WordCamp Chicago is a little over a week away and I won’t be able to attend this years event. Things just didn’t work out according to plan and so I’m trying to sell my ticket. Unfortunately, refunds can not be given due to the way the ticketing system works. So if you still need a ticket to WordCamp Chicago, please get in touch with me so we can hammer out the details. Basically, someone will need to Paypal me the amount for the ticket and then I will transfer the ticket in EventBrite into your name. The price of the ticket is $30.00.

Xentek has picked up the ticket to WordCamp Chicago. Thanks Xentek!


6 responses to “Buy My WordCamp Chicago Ticket”

  1. It’s a shame you won’t be making it to Chicago this year, I won’t be there either, it’s kind of a haul from Minnesota and just coming up too fast!

    I’m hoping to make it to WordCamp Iowa in August though since that is half the distance for me.

  2. @JLeuze – Hmm, couple of interesting WordCamps to look into in August. There is Savannah Georgia and now WordCamp Iowa. I was thinking about Savannah but maybe I’ll go to Iowa on the freak chance that I’ll see a tornado lol.

    @Chris Jean – Well, is starting to look more and more enticing. If I put my sponsor package together, we’ll see if anyone sponsors me to go.

    By the way, someone has snatched up the ticket.


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