Working Hard Behind The Scenes

You might have noticed a lack of content on the site here in the past few days. This is in large part thanks to my trip to Chicago over the weekend and since I arrived back home, I’ve been stuck on a GO GO GO schedule. I spent the majority of last night working on putting together the special edition of WordPress Weekly which is now available and also fixing the RSS issue many of you were experiencing. So at least those two items have been checked off of my to do list.

I am still working on getting my WordCamp media onto the web and once that is finished, I’ll publish my WordCamp Chicago experience post. Until then, keep an eye out for WordPress 2.8 which if all goes well, will be released on June 10th.

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  1. Looking forward to the post. Never been to one myself.
    I liked the WW episode like I twittered. Good job on that. And the stuff Matt was saying was interesting and illuminating. But counting hosting as making money from WordPress just sounds stupid. Matts answers kind of goes hand in hand with the Free Themes directory as its called now.


  2. @Andreas Nurbo – Thanks Andreas. The post is online regarding my experience. Thanks for listening to the different version of WordPress Weekly where I included a custom intro and outro by previous guest host, Keith Murray. I would have to listen to it again for the fifth time to hear what Matt says about Web Hosting companies and WordPress in terms of them being successful because of the platform. But I see where you’re coming from.


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