1. Amanda Rush

    Honestly, this sounds a lot like “Hey, we have this thing, and we want to enter the WordPress market with it, so come hear our pitch WordPress greats and, while you’re at it, give your imprimatur to said thing.” Not exactly the best way to enter the WordPress market.


  2. Miroslav Glavic

    $299 and what about sponsors? I will stick to WordCamps.


  3. Vitor Madeira

    My first two impressions on this matter:

    1 – What happened on the last text row of that green banner? Is there a problem relating text revision, or what?

    2 – Why would someone who cares about WordPress and needs to grab people with the same feeling around it to write “WordPress” with no capital “P” on their tweets?

    A bit odd…


  4. Paul Dahlen

    Thank you for this public service. WordPress unfortunately seems to draw charlatans and hucksters like flies. While I don’t include this organization into those categories, they certainly have gone out of their way to present themselves as belonging.

    Mr. Otterstrom could use a good editor, as his intro is filled with grammatical mistakes that make it somewhat unreadable. First impressions ARE important, and introductions of primary players should be written factually and correctly. I’d also like to know who some of his clients have been. In addition, there may be a few readers who care that Ms. Thaeler “got to meet Matt,” but most of us really don’t care in the scheme of things.

    This whole thing has an odor to it that you politely and factually pointed out for our benefit. As you also point out, this would be a tremendous idea and opportunity for business owners, users and developers like me to meet and learn from the reputable professional developers. I hope something like this really happens. Thanks again.


  5. Jake Spurlock

    I’m also “scheduled” to speak, but aside from a passing tweet have no knowledge of the event…


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