Pressnomics WordPress Ecosystem Survey

Pressnomics LogoIn two weeks, Pressnomics 2 will be underway. Pressnomics, started in 2012 by Joshua Strebel of is a conference dedicated to the business aspects of WordPress whether it be software as a service, commercial themes and plugins, or a development agency. The event is three days long where business owners can collaborate, relax, and learn valuable lessons from each other. For this years event, the Pressnomics team wants to gauge some specifics regarding the WordPress ecosystem. In order to do that, I ask that you take their very short, three question anonymous survey. Results of the survey will be presented during the conference.

I asked Joshua what will make Pressnomics 2 different from the first. His response was:

Like software, we are iterating the product. This year we want to dive deeper into a couple subjects. The discussion’s on commercialization and distributed teams will be candid and insightful. There is a lot of dogma and political correctness around these two topics in our community that we hope to peel back a bit to have a frank conversation.

Unfortunately, I won’t be in attendance for this event. I’m hoping the Pressnomics team will consider doing the conference again in 2014. If so, I’ll be the first in line.


2 responses to “Pressnomics WordPress Ecosystem Survey”

  1. Bummer that you won’t be attending Pressnomics. Any particular reason why? It’s the biggest non-WordCamp WordPress related event of the year. Seems like something a revitalized WPTavern should be covering firsthand.

  2. @Carl Hancck – I didn’t figure out travel information to conferences until very late in the game after being hired. I inquired about Pressnomics soon after I was hired but I don’t remember ever getting a response. I agree with you, we should be covering the event but I’ll be in a much better position to do that next year, just not this year.


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