1. Emil Uzelac

    Wow, that’s a lot!


  2. Joe

    What percentage was spam though?


  3. Danny Brown

    In related news, there were 654 million “Great post!” comments published in 2015…. ;-)

    It’d be interesting to find out how many were “authority comments”, where they actually added something to a post/discussion, instead of just being the standard, “I agree”, or “Great post”.

    Either by time spent commenting, or word/character count, etc.

    Any thoughts on this happening? I wonder if The Coral Project could do something like this?


    • Andy M.

      Oh man. Danny. Thank you for bringing this up. If there’s one thing I appreciate from the likes (ha!) of Facebook and Twitter, it’s the ability to like/favourite/love something without adding to the noise.

      (I’m also aware that I’m currently doing the thing that I said I don’t like, but alas, there’s no “Like” button on these comments…!)


      • Danny Brown

        Oh, I see what you did there… :)

        Funnily enough, I think the Epoch comment system used here can do that, as it supports voting plugins (or at least one of them, can’t recall which one). Of course, that means another plugin to manage, so maybe not a feasible option.

        But, yeah, I used to laugh at big name bloggers who’d quote the amount of comments their posts get. All you had to do was skip through each post, and see the majority were lite comments, or spam left unmoderated.

        Bravo, blogging superstar, you sure can count… ;)


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