Mentionable Plugin Adds @mentions for WordPress Content with Inline Autocomplete

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Finding and linking to previously published content on your site is a daily necessity for bloggers and content managers. Usually, you have to search the frontend of your site or search posts/pages in the admin to track down the content you’re trying to link.

Mentionable is a handy tool, created by the folks at XWP, that saves a lot of time on internal linking. The plugin adds @mentions to the visual editor with autocomplete for any content published on the site, including posts, pages, media, and custom post types.


Mentionable includes a settings panel for specifying the post types for which the plugin will be active. You can also select the post types that the auto-completion will match against. Users can further customize the plugin by replacing the mentionable tag with a custom mentionable.php template.

The support for custom post types means that users can call out recipes, books, movies, products, or posts from any registered content type as links within pages or posts. This makes it easy to link to the backstory for new content, put together quick reference lists, cross promote products, etc. – all without ever having to leave the post editor.

I tested the plugin and found that it works as advertised. When mentioning a post you don’t even have to start with the first word of the post title. The autocomplete will pick up any word found in a title, in case your memory of the exact title is foggy.

If you decide later on that you don’t want to use the plugin anymore, it won’t affect any of the links you created previously. Your content remains intact even after the plugin is deactivated and uninstalled.

A healthy amount of internal linking is often recommended for boosting your site’s SEO. According to Moz, internal links are critical for establishing site architecture and spreading link juice. If you’re not in the habit of linking to your own content, the Mentionable plugin will help you do it with minimal effort.


15 responses to “Mentionable Plugin Adds @mentions for WordPress Content with Inline Autocomplete”

  1. Great review as always Sarah. This is a great looking plugin. It would be really great to bring the same functionality over to the user tagging side. For instance in bbPress / BuddyPress you could @mention someone and they would receive a notification email with link to that mention. We’ve been searching for a reliable solution for this…

  2. It’s worth noting that WordPress 3.1 introduced some of this functionality built into the editor. The link panel includes an “Or link to existing content” toggle that shows a live search area for finding and linking to existing content of all post types.

  3. There is an hidden feature in this plugin (I really need to do documentation on this…). Basically everytime you mention something it will save a post meta of the mentioned posts in the article (meta_key = mentions). Also, it will add a new post meta on the mentioned article with the id of the post it was mentioned on (meta_key = mentioned_by).

    This could be very powerful. For example on a post single page, one could easily fetch all other posts that currently links to the current one using the get_post_meta(‘mentioned_by’).

  4. I am highly “sad” this all isn’t yet a default WordPress function.
    I mean, which modern blogging system does NOT include a simple @mention system?

    does anyone know of at least a plugin that does both:
    @user in Post, AND comment?

    Please, no Buddy Press :D



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