1. Frankie Jarrett

    Mentionable is truly a diamond in the rough. It’s been around a long time but few have noticed it. I love it!


  2. Jonathan Bardo

    For those of you who are wondering how to search for multiple words using the mention, you just have to replace the space between the words with an underscore! (Search for “Hello World” would look like “@Hello_World”)


  3. Devin Walker

    Great review as always Sarah. This is a great looking plugin. It would be really great to bring the same functionality over to the user tagging side. For instance in bbPress / BuddyPress you could @mention someone and they would receive a notification email with link to that mention. We’ve been searching for a reliable solution for this…


  4. ThePolyBlog

    Awesome little tool…as you mentioned, frequently people do it and have to go to the front end to do it. But best part — even if the plugin disabled, the link remains as a normal link.


  5. Li-An

    I have to take a look at this ! It’s so boring to go on front end to find post URL.


  6. Doug Smith

    It’s worth noting that WordPress 3.1 introduced some of this functionality built into the editor. The link panel includes an “Or link to existing content” toggle that shows a live search area for finding and linking to existing content of all post types.


  7. Jonathan Bardo

    There is an hidden feature in this plugin (I really need to do documentation on this…). Basically everytime you mention something it will save a post meta of the mentioned posts in the article (meta_key = mentions). Also, it will add a new post meta on the mentioned article with the id of the post it was mentioned on (meta_key = mentioned_by).

    This could be very powerful. For example on a post single page, one could easily fetch all other posts that currently links to the current one using the get_post_meta(‘mentioned_by’).


  8. daniel

    I am highly “sad” this all isn’t yet a default WordPress function.
    I mean, which modern blogging system does NOT include a simple @mention system?

    does anyone know of at least a plugin that does both:
    @user in Post, AND comment?

    Please, no Buddy Press :D



    • ryanlegal32

      I’m looking for the same thing as daniel. Please, if anyone knows of a “working plugin” that does both, please let us know!



  9. ishan

    Not able to configure it. I need to activate it for nextgen gallery. What settings do i have to select ??


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