Meetup Group Organizers Can Now Earn A User Profile Badge

The WordPress Community team has unveiled a new tool called Meetup Tracker. This tool replaces the Meetup Status Document and will enable Global Community Team members to more easily track all groups.

There’s also a new application form available for organizers looking to join the WordPress Meetup Chapter Program. Groups that are part of the program have their fees paid for by WordPress Community Support PBC.

Thanks to the new system that is hosted on the backend of WordCamp Central, the community team is able to award badges to meetup organizers which will be displayed on their user profiles.

Example of Contribution Badges Displayed on User Profiles

In order to receive a badge and to fill the new system with updated information, organizers with meetups that are part of the chapter program are required to add the following information to this Google Document.

  • username for main contact
  • usernames of all organizers
  • Whether or not the contact’s email address is still valid

Badges were added to user profiles as part of a redesign in 2014 and are a quick way to gauge a person’s activity and or interests across the WordPress project.

The meetup organizer’s badge design has yet to be determined. For more information or if you have questions, please leave a comment on the announcement post.


One response to “Meetup Group Organizers Can Now Earn A User Profile Badge”

  1. Thanks for posting this Jeff – the more meetup organisers that fill in the sheet the better! For any that don’t fill it in, we’ll go through and add them manually (which will take a lot of time), so we’re very grateful to all organisers who do take the time to do it.

    As a follow-up here, we have published a proposal for what the new meetup organiser badge will look like, with comments on the proposal open until the end of this week:


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