1. Fredelig

    Ajax Edit Comments is great. Thanks for all your hard work, both Ajay and Ronald. :)


  2. Jean-Paul Horn

    I just *LOVE* this plugin and so do our users. I love the new ColorBox addition (much faster!) and generally come to appreciate all the new features which have been put in older and recent versions.

    I do have some wishes, focussed on performance enhancements (I’m trying to cut down on as much overhead http requests as possible, but AEC has proven rather difficult to trim.

    1. I believe function add_script_vars (line 46) can be easily changed to wp_footer instead of wp_head (I need to do this after every upgrade). Also, most Javascript files (function add_scripts, lines 1452-14890) could also benefit from switching to loading in the footer (I believe this is only for newer WP versions through wp_enqueue_script, but would love to see a conditional for this) (again, works fine in my installation, but need to do this after every new version of AEC)

    (my code change for line 46)

    add_action('wp_footer', array(&$this, 'add_script_vars'), 1001);

    (my code changes for lines 1460-1461)

    wp_enqueue_script('colorbox', $this->pluginDir . '/js/jquery.colorbox-min.js', array("jquery"), '', true);
    wp_enqueue_script('wp_ajax_edit_comments_script', $this->pluginDir . '/js/wp-ajax-edit-comments.js', array("jquery", "wp-ajax-response", "colorbox") , 2.3, true);

    2. An even better option would be to let advanced users disable loading of all the JS files and variables, so we could offload these to a CDN (like you let us define our own CSS files, albeit this won’t let us offload to another server, since it has to be a relative path). This also goes for additional css files like the new colorbox.css.

    3. If option ‘No icons’ is chosen (Styles > Determine Icon Display/Sets), AEC still loads the selected icons css file (e.g. wp-ajax-edit-comments/css/themes/circular/edit-comments.css) and thus all the (redudant) icon images in that css file. Maybe a separate ‘no-icons’ theme would be a solution?

    Other than this, one of the best WordPress plugins out there, both for admins *and* users. Thanks for all your hard work (and thanks to Ajay too!)

    P.S. Most of my wishes only affect the user side of AEC. I don’t really mind about what extra stuff is loaded for admins (either front or dashboard)


  3. Ronald

    @Jean-Paul Horn
    thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what we can do to improve performance based on your suggestions.


  4. Indrek

    Thank you for this great review. Until now I hadn’t really looked into it but after seeing it’s great features I think I’ll definitely add it to my blog. Thanks again!


  5. Matt

    Ah good, the new version is now working fine (it wasn’t the case with thickbox, probably due to a plugin conflict).

    I would very much like to see Jean-Paul’s ideas implemented !


  6. Benjamin

    Thanks for this review. I enjoy reading indepth reviews of plugins (and other wp related info).


  7. Jean-Paul Horn

    @Ronald – Good to hear, thanks!
    I do have another question. Am I correct AEC adds two queries per comment? Weird thing is, on one of our really popular posts (contest post) we have over 800 queries. With AEC enabled this translates into
    1704 queries. 6.600 seconds.
    If I deactivate AEC, I only have 46 queries on the same post … Ofcourse, this really hurts performance, especially on posts where we have over 50 comments (happens more often than not).

    Problem is – like I said before – we can’t uninstall this plugin as our users would come lynching me ;) Is there a way to completely prevent AEC from executing at all when comments are closed? (we automatically close all posts after three months). This would already help tremendously.


  8. Ronald

    @Jean-Paul Horn
    that’s odd. I thought we addressed the query problem in a previous version. I’ll take a look.


  9. Jean-Paul Horn

    @Ronald – Thanks again, Ronald. Appreciate the quick replies! If possible, I’d still like to have an option to either completely disable AEC on posts with closed comments or at least prevent AEC from loading the JS and CSS on posts with closed comments (sort of like the check for is_page() ).


  10. Jean-Paul Horn

    @Ronald – Heads up for Ronald. The high query count wasn’t due to AEC, but to another plugin I recently installed (Comment Contest). My apologies for the error, although I still wonder why the query count went down after deactivating AEC. And I’d still like to reiterate my request for completely disabling AEC on closed comments ;)


  11. Jean-Paul Horn

    @Jean-Paul Horn – Hate to correct myself, but although I deinstalled Comment Contest the double queries still show with AEC enabeld. Would appreciate a thorough look if this has been fixed or has crept up again in recent versions.


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