Request Deletion Now Part Of Ajax Edit Comments

Earlier today, I checked out what’s been going on with my favorite comment editing plugin, Ajax Edit Comments and was pleased to see the addition of a particular new feature called Request Deletion. As of version, Ajax Edit Comments now provides the ability to allow or disallow anonymous users to click on a link to request a deletion of their comment. Upon request, the comment is placed in the moderation queue and the blog’s admin is sent an e-mail of the request. This feature can be turned off in the admin panel options.

aeccommentdeletionThere are a couple of other nice additions as well. Oh, also glad to see that despite his WordPress Weekly absence, Ronald is still hanging around the land of WordPress as he is repsonible for these three plugin updates.


  1. Thank you for the heads up on this plugin. It’s actually exactly what I have been looking for.


  2. Why would anybody want to delete his own comment? I know some plugin made editting the comment possible for around 15 minutes, maybe it’s the same one ;)

    ~ @kovshenin


  3. I like the idea of this feature, noticed it when making a comment on this site a couple days ago.


  4. I think this is a very useful new feature. I wish all sites had this.
    ***Just installed on my personal blog!


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