1. Piet

    Good news, hopefully there soon will be an Android app available too then!


  2. James Mowery

    Thanks so much Jeff!

    We here at ManageWP are working very hard to create an amazing service for WordPress power users. It’s a lot of hard work, and the hours have been long; however, we would like to believe we are attempting something special that pushes the envelope.

    We thank you so much for writing about this, and we hope your incredible readers will check us out! Finally, we will do our best to make sure our iOS app will live up to expectations! :)


  3. James Mowery

    Hi WPTavern readers!

    We here at ManageWP just wanted to add/clarify that ManageWP for iOS will be free for our customers, regardless of what level of service you have. :)

    If you want to try out ManageWP, be sure to sign up for ManageWP (there’s no risk and it only takes a few seconds), and you’ll be the first to know when our iOS application becomes available!


  4. James Mowery

    @Piet – Hey Piet

    Mobile development is certainly a new arena for us to be attempting, but I’m confident that once we see how things progress with our iOS application, the idea of producing an Android application will be considered by our dev team, especially if the demand is strong.


  5. Bart Dabek

    Would love to see this as a standalone plugin you could install on your own server rather then as a service… it would be cheaper for end users and reduce your need for infrastructure… definitely a service you need when managing more then 10 sites..


  6. Ryan Hellyer

    I think the service is an extremely good deal. My only concern is that I’m not keen on allowing an external company to have that level of access to my site. I’d like the backup features of Manage WP without having to provide them with full access to my WordPress install.


  7. Doug Smith

    I love the convenience of what ManageWP offers but I’m also concerned about the security more than the price. If their encryption key gets compromised then the backups of all of their customers are compromised. And those backups all contain the database login information. It just seems like it’s asking for trouble.

    I would only consider using a service like this if they provided a full trust-no-one (TNO) model where I supply my own encryption key that they never see and my data gets pre-encrypted before leaving my server. Other options might be to allow specifying my own Amazon S3 account to store backups as long as the data never goes through their servers on the way.

    The ideal would be software I can run on one of my own servers and fully control and secure. I’d be happy to pay for that.


  8. Doug Smith

    A quick follow-up. I see that they have much more information on their security page than when I had looked before. It looks like you can back up to your own Amazon S3 account. But it’s not clear if that all happens directly from your server or if it passes through their own on the way. The description makes me think it goes through their servers first.


  9. chrismccoy

    awesome cant wait ;)


  10. Vladimir Prelovac

    @Doug Smith – Hi Doug,

    We are very security-aware. No backups ever pass or are held on our servers. All backups are stored either on your server or the backup destination that you provide.

    For communication with your WordPress site, ManageWP uses OpenSSL encrypted protocal which is far more secure then the current industry standard (XML-RPC).

    Finally, if you want to run ManageWP form your server, we also offer the self-hosted version.


  11. chrismccoy

    @Vladimir Prelovac

    how expensive is the self hosted?


  12. Vladimir Prelovac

    @chrismccoy – This depends on the number of websites you manage, please submit the inquiry and we will get in touch with the custom quote.


  13. chrismccoy

    @Vladimir Prelovac

    thanks, i also got your new seo image plugin last week ;)


  14. Doug Smith

    @Vladimir Prelovac – Thanks for the additional security info. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing the right things. You might want to add that information to your security page. I checked there for answers first but it wasn’t covered.


  15. donnacha of WordSkill

    Jeff, the concerns raised about ManageWP’s pricing were not the usual case of whiners complaining about not getting everything for free; the point that I and others have made is that, by targeting the high-end, they misread the market and missed out on a massively bigger opportunity.

    Just to be clear, the ManageWP service itself is superb, absolutely superb, and getting better all the time. I participated in the beta and Vladimir very kindly lifted the usual limit to allow me to manage a very high number of sites, so, I can tell you from personal experience that, if you manage dozens or even hundreds of sites, ManageWP is an amazing experience.

    In fact, I would be one of their 2000 paying customers today, for at least some of my sites, but I was unable to get their payment system to accept any of my credit cards before the early-bird deadline – they were using Plimus and it is the only payment system that has ever refused to take money from me, bloody frustrating!

    Even if I was a paying customer, however, I would still say that their decision to change their pricing strategy represents one of the biggest missed opportunities in the WordPress world.

    Jeff, I don’t know if you still run guest articles but I would love to expand properly upon this subject at some point, because I think this whole story carries some important lessons.


  16. Piotrek

    Why would I need ManageWP, If I am running a multi-site WP installation and can manage al sites from the Android WordPress app?


  17. Vladimir Prelovac

    @donnacha of WordSkill – Hello Donnacha,

    Pricing is always sensitive topic and very few companies get it correct right from the beginning, so I’ll allow for us to make that mistake too. Whether the prices are perceived as high-end or not, I can say that we do our best to deliver the high-end service. Since we launched, we developed a tons of new features, and the iOS app discussed here is just one. We don’t plan to stop there and so far we managed to have all these new features at no additional price to our customers, and I do not see that changing any time soon.

    I agree with one thing, Plimus is not the best payment processor around, and you are not the only one who had these problems. As hard as it may be, we are considering switching to a different processor.

    I’d really like to learn more about what you have to say, and if Jeff doesn’t, we’ll give you a spot on our blog. I am available if you want to run facts, costs and background about running our business.


  18. Onder Vincent Koc

    Hey Doug, I would like to say I have been working closely with Vladimir Prelovac and the rest of the ManageWP team.

    I can solidly vouch that this system is more secure than the WordPress login and even the XML-RPC system itself.


  19. Brian Cuda

    Put me down for the Android version :)


  20. richard Gore

    I’ve posted 30 blogs since August 2010 and have received almost 10,000 comments which I am wading my way through.

    My problem is that I know very little about how to manage one site, never mind three.

    I want to secure ” at my elbow ” help to get the most out of WordPress.

    Can you tell me the best way to accomplish…Willing to pay.

    I thought I had my problem solved with well known Geek Squad. But, the appointment confirmation call blew me away when Geek asked me ” What type of program is WordPress ” ?

    Appointment cancelled.

    Richard Gore – White Plains –


  21. Jeffro

    @donnacha of WordSkill – WPTavern is open for guest blog posts at any time. If you want to write one and publish it on the site, feel free to get in touch with me via email.


  22. Vladimir Prelovac

    @richard Gore – Hi Richard

    All beginnings are hard and we actually have a three part series on comments for WordPress on our blog


    ManageWP also features a Clean all spam comments feature, which will with a click of a button remove all spam comments on all your sites.


  23. Ted Clayton

    Jeffro reserves the last word here for a link to another post titled:

    Death to Freemium

    As one scrolls down the page to bring the article into view, it instantly jumps out that the page-header is locked on the screen. ‘eww. They framed it.’

    As a strong rule, the framing of page-elements is not well-regarded. Typically, we ascribe the use of frames to lack of experience, or as indicating a weak grasp of the sensibilities of site visitors. Business-wise, it’s a downer.

    “The Bakers’ Dozen” (13) is documented, going back centuries. Few would seriously question that such practices have been standard business technique, since the origin of business in the mists of prehistory. When a smart woodcutter sells a cord of firewood, the customer won’t quite get it to stack into 128 cubic feet.

    There are some subtleties & fine points to observe in this game, of course. The potential for foolishness with the gambit will trip-up a few, no doubt. Kinda like pasting a frame into every visitor’s screen.

    If SaneBox Blog will commit so elementary an error as to frame their header, where else might their judgement come up a tad clueless?

    If Mr. Prevolac and ManageWP are successful in defining the particular marketing approach that seems to be emerging in these discussions, they will unavoidably define a contrasting approach for someone else to exploit.

    Freemium & Premium have been making the world safe for each other, all along, and will undoubtedly continue to do so.


  24. Ted Clayton

    My apologies, Mr. Prelovac.


  25. Raj

    That is really awesome.. ManageWP is the best way to manage all WordPress related stuff..


  26. Jon Brown

    I love MWP functionally and the minor problems I’ve had have always received a prompt and help support response…

    The one and only HUGE gripe I have is with the pricing model. I have 35 sites to manage, i’d like to break that down to 5 business, 25 pro, 5 standard… But I wont pay business rates on 50 sites to accommodate this nor operate 3 accounts. So instead I work around it with a 25 site pro level subscription removing sites I don’t really NEED to manage. I’m finally this month going to up it to 50 and readd the 10 sites I’ve removed to make room for others… The whole thing is a PITA. Charge me for what I actually use, get rid of the tiers, allowing different service levels inside a single account, and offer a % based discount for hitting a certain number of sites.

    P.S. Jeffro, the capitization of this post title really bugs me.


  27. Jon Brown

    @Jon Brown
    I should just add in case it wasn’t clear. I think the pricing at each service tier is perfect, it’s just the use of tiers 5/10/25/50/100/500, and the inability to mix and match serivce levels in a single account that I hate. Hell, i could tolerate the tiers if I could mix and match in a single account.


  28. Bharat Chowdary

    ManageWP is the best solution for web masters with multiple blogs and an ios app for that will surely help many.


  29. Vladimir Prelovac

    @Jon Brown – Thanks for the feedback Jon. We have been aware of the issue and we are launching the ability to link multiple accounts and switch between them in your dashboard. This will come in by next week so most of the problems you describe should be solved.


  30. Jon Brown

    @Vladimir Prelovac – Thanks Vladimir, I really appreciate how good and open you are about communicating what’s going on with MWP, makes me like an awesome product even more. Thank you!


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