ManageWP To Soon Be Available As An iOS App

ManageWP, the service that makes it a breeze to manage multiple websites from one location has announced that they are currently developing an iOS application specifically for ManageWP. This move takes the ease of managing multiple websites to the next level. While the app is not yet available, there are a couple of screenshots of what the final product might look like.

The first screenshot shows a concept of what the dashboard might look like. I have not tested the app itself but it will be interesting to see if they manage to pack all of their sites functionality into the iPhone app while still maintaining ease of use.

ManageWP Dashboard Concept Image

What may be the most exciting part of this news is that the app will also be available to use on the iPad. With more screen real estate and the retina display on the newest version of the iPad, this combination should make for a great experience.
ManageWP iPad Concept

Pricing has yet to be determined and in some aspects, this could get tricky. While the app is no use to non ManageWP customers, will the company end up charging for the app for existing customers? Considering there are three different service plans, I could see them offering the app for free to those who are middle and top tier plan customers. I know that the folks from ManageWP monitor this website so if you have feedback on how they should go about this, please offer your feedback within the comments.

While there are alternatives to ManageWP, they are certainly experiencing healthy growth. Earlier this year, they hit the 100,000 managed websites milestone. They have also obtained 2,000 paying customers. Speaking of paying customers, I encourage you to read through the comments of a post I published about a week ago where a number of folks chimed in that while ManageWP is awesome, their prices are a bit too high to digest. Based on feedback I have observed, there are two camps. One that says ManageWP is worth every penny that they currently charge and one that says the prices are just too high.

If you believe their prices are too high, consider the following. They currently have a staff of 20 or so people with plans to add more. They are an international bunch and the company is growing rapidly. There is the infrastructure, hardware, etc that they have to pay for. In my opinion, they shouldn’t price themselves out of business. They should simply charge what they feel is right for the service.

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