ManageWP Launches Orion Dashboard

If you use ManageWP, you may have noticed a new dashboard design. That’s because the company released Orion, a completely redesigned dashboard for managing sites.

To give users a chance to alter workflows and explore the Orion dashboard, ManageWP linked the original dashboard to Orion. Actions performed in one dashboard are mirrored to the other. Users can switch between the two with the click of a button.

ManageWP Dashboard Compared to Orion
ManageWP Dashboard Compared to Orion

Users can now sort sites by tags and clients in addition to groups. Websites can be assigned to clients while tags can describe whether a site is in development or live. Each site can up to five tags and one client.

Unlike the native dashboard, Orion uses Angular.js which allows users to run asynchronous calls. For example, you can run more than one command why performing other tasks.

One distinct difference between both dashboards is the way backups are generated. ManageWP backups and Orion backups are completely different from each other. However, you can use both at the same time.

The company says Orion comes with essential features but additional features will be completed and added by February of 2016 which is also when Orion will become the default dashboard. WordPress Multisite is not supported as the company cites it as a major undertaking and doesn’t consider it a high priority.

The new dashboard contains more features than what’s listed here. I encourage you to read the official announcement and if you’re a customer, to explore Orion as it will soon be the default experience to managing sites. If you’re a ManageWP customer, let us know what you think of the new dashboard design.


6 responses to “ManageWP Launches Orion Dashboard”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Nemanja from ManageWP here, thanks for the coverage. The Orion dashboard we just released is only the beginning of a new chapter for us; expect a number of great tools in the coming months.

    Looking back at all the tools the WordPress community had 5+ years ago, and what’s available now, it’s safe to say that kids have it easy these days :)

  2. Love the look and concept. Unfortunately, as a free member, I am unable to test this out.

    Might want to add that tidbit for future readers :)


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