ManageWP Launches Automated Security Scanning

When ManageWP allowed users to perform security scans of websites through the Orion interface in December of 2015, a feature commonly requested by customers was the ability to automate the scans. Nine months after implementing security checks for customers, ManageWP has added automated security scans to its assortment of features.

The automated security scans are a premium feature and cost $1 per site. Those who purchase a 100 site bundle can buy the add-on for $25. The price of the All-in-one package remains the same at $150 but includes the automated security checks. Manual security scans will remain free to use.


Customers can schedule daily or weekly scans and be notified of issues via Slack or Email. Email notifications can also be configured for clients eliminating the middle man.

According to Nevena Tomovic, automating security scans is the first in a three-part roadmap, “The next thing that we are working on is making Performance Checks automated,” Tomovic said.

“You can expect this feature to be ready next month. After we release the Performance Check, we will start working on automating Client Reports. The Client Reports will be released the following month, so you can expect them around November.”

ManageWP was recently acquired by GoDaddy. To learn more about the acquisition, listen to our interview with Jeff King, General Manager of hosting at GoDaddy and Vladimir Prelovac, founder of ManageWP.


4 responses to “ManageWP Launches Automated Security Scanning”

  1. I use ManageWP. The idea is good but plugin updates seem to take an extra day to show up there versus the WP admin. I’m just not that patient. I’m a little concerned about them being with GoDaddy and how that will change their focus/ direction. I hope all the information with ManageWP is not used to spam for GoDaddy.


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