1. sky

    Yeah, sorry. I have enough experience with GoDaddy not to be sucked back in by these new features. Fool me once…


    • krko

      Alright people we get it, you don’t do business with GoDaddy. GoDaddy is single handedly responsible for ALL that’s evil in this world. Fine. Take your money elsewhere. Do you really have to remind us all that you don’t like GoDaddy on every single post that even remotely mentions GoDaddy?



  2. Laura Brown

    I use ManageWP. The idea is good but plugin updates seem to take an extra day to show up there versus the WP admin. I’m just not that patient. I’m a little concerned about them being with GoDaddy and how that will change their focus/ direction. I hope all the information with ManageWP is not used to spam for GoDaddy.


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