1. Bud Kraus

    If the Hub is anything like their Manage WP experience you can count me and a lot of other people out.


  2. Sonja London

    This is worth noting regarding the “free” features. “There is no timetable on when they will be behind a paywall. ” I expect they will wait until they get a broad user base and then drop the bad news.


  3. Steven Gliebe

    Has GoDaddy’s customer service improved?


  4. Adam C

    If the experience is going to be anything like ManageWP after the acquisition then I’m out.

    Their support was terrible and backups constantly failed. Their FB group was full of similar complaints as well. Things may have improved since then but I won’t chance it. I’m sticking to BlogVault because their platform works and they offer good support.


  5. Tony G

    I wonder if GoDaddy management knows there is already a similar offering in the WordPress industry by WPMU DEV with the name The Hub. I mean, was this competitive or accidental?


  6. Dan Stanley

    manage wp is one my most used tools and I have it running on all sites I create. Will the hub replace it or??


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