1. Andrea_R

    I;ve sent people to Manage WP when they explored multisite and found it too overwhelming for them. :)


  2. Rob Gaines

    Manage WP could have become an industry standard but they blew it by getting too optimistic with the pricing. The entry level features are inadequate and the mid-level costs $21 per month for up to 10 sites. As it stands, 99% of their potential market are going to just bite the bullet and learn how to use multisite instead. Sure, there will always be some people to whom price is irrelevant, I am sure they will make money, but Manage WP had the potential to be truly important.


  3. Aaron Alexander

    I have used SEO Doctor and Manage WP for years now, and they are both great products. Totally different products made by the same quality, and thoughtful developer. It is true they are in depth, but it’s depth is more in the realms of flexibility and option rather than difficulty to use. Great stuff Mr Prelovac – Thank You


  4. David Gwyer

    We will be launching a managed hosting service for our theme users soon, and will definitely be looking to use ManageWP to ease the administration of multiple WordPress installs!

    Good luck Vladimir!


  5. Lori

    I have been using ManageWP since beta and find it to be one of the best tools for managing multiple WordPress sites I have ever used. It has saved hours of time and works seamlessly with single sites, multi-sites, and in different server environments.

    I am on the business plan, and even after all the hype about the pricing, find that the monthly maintenance fee that some of my clients were already paying covers the cost of the service and makes my life much easier.

    Thanks Vladimir and team!


  6. Sheshnath

    I am currently using SEO Doctor It is great product ever I used I will also like to use ManageWp as well.
    Thanks for this stuff.


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