1. Ryan Sullivan

    It’s pretty obvious that it’s a My Little Pony Pinterest reboot. That Vladimir! *tilts head to side*


  2. Carl Hancock

    Curated WordPress news aggregator with original content sprinkled in. ManageWP already has a very active blog covering a lot of things in WordPress. So expanding upon that wouldn’t be surprising to me.


  3. Len

    I’m going to go with Carl and say some type of aggregator hybrid as well. Equally interesting, at least for me, is their use of kickoffpages.com to display that splash page. I hadn’t heard of that service before.


  4. Devesh Sharma

    It’s pretty obvious that Manage.org is going to be an news aggregator site for WordPress, as Carl said. And Vladimir already confirmed that here.


  5. Jeffro

    @Devesh Sharma – Damn, I didn’t think he spilled the beans already, lol. Oh well, so much for that game. Thanks for playing!


  6. Kevin Gilbert

    I hope he scratches that itch. In the meantime, I’d love to get some of the features in ManageWP working as advertised. I love the product and it’s been very beneficial. Most of the features function as advertised. There’s no deal-breakers, but there are several features for which I’ve opened several support tickets, that have never completely functioned correctly. The mobile app, for one, though that’s not critical for me at this point, and the client reports. I’ve had very little success with either of these features producing the desired results. Mostly, I get support responses saying the developers are aware of some issues and they are working on them. Not really any more info than that. But the problems have persisted for months, which is what’s most frustrating.

    As I said, I hope they scratch their itch, but I’d really love for them to make a really good product really great by completing development on some of the incomplete or buggy features.


  7. chris mccoy

    i agree content curated, but from where? current sites on managewp.com hosting? would be cool to find out.


  8. donnacha of WordSkill

    Well, just two weeks earlier, on June 13th, in the comments under the WPDaily article about it, Vladimir flat out denied that it would be a news aggregator:

    Neither is true, but this is fun :)


    … and, if you think about it, doing yet another WordPress news site would hardly live up to his grand claim on the domain’s placeholder:

    Something amazing is coming from Team ManageWP that will make waves in the WordPress community

    Lastly, if it is just another aggregator, why on Earth would he wait so long to launch it? There has to be more to this.


  9. Brian Krogsgard

    @donnacha of WordSkill – I agree with Donnacha. I think it’s safe to say it wouldn’t be revolutionary to do content + curation and Carl guessed :)


  10. Jeffro

    Well, most of us were right in one way or another – http://poststat.us/managewp-org/


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