Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with WPDASH, Now in Beta

WPDASH is a new service that launched in beta today, created by a group of WordPress developers in Poland. It joins the ranks of ManageWP, WP Remote, InfiniteWP, and a handful of others that provide a centralized WordPress dashboard for managing multiple sites.

With the popularity of WordPress on the rise, many users have more than one site in operation. Those who work in development often have hundreds, if not thousands, of WordPress sites to look after, all of which require regular plugin and theme updates.

The automatic background updates introduced in WordPress 3.7 certainly ease the burden of maintenance for many WordPress agencies, but centralized dashboards are becoming critical for successfully managing backups, site uptime, and updates to themes and plugins for multiple installations.

WPDASH is entering beta with an impressive array of features for managing sites, including the following:

  • Add and modify posts and comments
  • Install themes and plugins
  • One-click updates
  • Generate reports
  • Create manual and automatic backups
  • Monitor server uptime and user browsing habits
  • Monitor accessibility of linked pages and inbound link statistics
  • Two-factor authentication with Rublon

Here’s a look at an example WPDASH overview of activity across all of your WordPress sites:


WPDASH also includes a number of advanced SEO-related features, such as integration with third-party tools for keyword monitoring and analytics services.

Since the beta period is just now starting, we’ll be monitoring users’ experiences to see how reliable the service is. WPDASH has not yet detailed its pricing, because the team is still ironing out features that will be added before launch. Beta testers have the opportunity to vote from the Features tab in the dashboard for new features that will be implemented.

If you’re curious about the new service and want to join in the testing period, you can sign up for free at


10 responses to “Manage Multiple WordPress Sites with WPDASH, Now in Beta”

  1. It looks awesome. I am sure it functions as it looks.

    That said, my understanding is that this is a service, and not something you download and use on your own servers, like InfiniteWP does (preferably localserver) . So if that is the case here, how stupid do you have to be to save the access of dozens if not hundreds of websites, in a server that another company (and their employees and even their janitor) has access to? Things can get even more interesting if some of the sites are e-commerce, where private personal data, including credit cards numbers are stored. How can anyone blindly trust a service like this? You have to be shockingly naive and stupid… it looks great though… very modern!

  2. Neither the login screen nor the control panel use SSL, so my login details and all my sites’ admin usernames and passwords would be transferred over plaintext, which is a big no-no for me. I’ll be waiting until that’s fixed before I try it.

    • The control panel alone using SSL won’t make it secure.

      Ideally you would also have SSL installed on your site and the login would occur by accessing your site via SSL while accessing WPDASH via SSL also.

      As it is now even if the control panel at WPDASH is using SSL, if you don’t have SSL installed on your site it’s going to be making a standard HTTP call to your site and logging in.

      HOWEVER that isn’t much different than you going to any WordPress site that isn’t using SSL and logging in. So it’s not that unheard of. But if security is important for the site in question you should definitely have SSL installed on your site and any services such as this should access your site via SSL.

  3. It’s SaaS – they do upgrades, bug fixes, new features, administration and many other things like you need to do if you have install it on own server. Why people / comapnies use CRMs, e-commerce, analytics services and many other in SaaS? Every of these services have private and personal data..

    As i see they use 2FA – Rublon for better security for whole control panel so it’s more secured..


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