Live Stream Of New Jersey WP Meetup

Community member williamsba organizer of the New Jersey WordPress Meetup is currently live streaming the event. The topic for tonight at the meetup is the installation/configuration as well as new features in Thesis 1.4.x.

*NOTE* Apparently, Brad has fell victim to the Ustream Bermuda Triangle. There were some issues involved with Ustream this evening which prevented people from watching and participating in the stream. Brad recorded the video and I’ll be publishing that once it’s available.

Free live streaming by Ustream

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  1. (Hmm – tab order on this comment form is very odd)

    Sorry NJWPMU folks – missed this one and thought something was wonky at uStream. Hope to see it soon. Thanks!


  2. Yeah looks like Ustream bit the big one this time. I use to live stream on that site a lot in early 2008 and it seemed pretty solid. We’ll see next Meetup I guess!

    @Kel we should all get together sometime. I’d love to have a chat about WordPress CMS strategies with you


  3. @Kel – Thanks for the reminder Kel, I’ve fixed the tabbing issue as it was out of order. There was also a few issues with this particular Ustream session so I hope Brad’s next one goes over much more smoothly.


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